Kûmû Beach

Kûmû Beach is a resort property located on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, in Balapitiya. Designed for clients who have a strong feeling of what they wanted and that was drama. With sparce spaces designed by the architect, AFD was brought in later into the project to decorate and bring life to the project.

Featuring custom batik soft furnishings, commissioned local sculpture, this is a hotel which is an example of less is more. Focused decorating with appreciation of the negative space, this property located on a beautiful large expanse of land overlooking the Indian Ocean is luxurious, different and dramatic.

Kûmû Beach was a successful collaboration with the clients and architect, with the clients’ personalities indelibly integral to the outcome.

Year 2017
Design Team Annika Fernando
Architect Philip Weeraratne
Photographer Sandun de Silva