Baillie Street Merchants

Located in Colombo Fort, the central business district of Colombo. The fort area is a mixture of buildings from many eras of the cities past. Baillie Street, now Mudalige Mawatha, is wedged between Chatham Street and Prince Street. Tucked away in the charm of the old buildings is a smaller structure which was known as the city’s first gambling spot.

It was redesigned as Sri Lanka’s first speak-easy bar which is disguised behind Merchants, a tea and coffee shop.

A dramatic palette of finishes injecting drama and sophistication awaits the visitor who makes it past the code-protected black door. All furniture and light fittings were custom made and a collection of finishes have allowed for a unique and theatrical environment unique and all works beautifully with the graphics created for the project.

Year 2018
Design Team Annika Fernando & Mariam Sulaiman-Deen
Photographer Sandun de Silva